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Why I hate peanuts in ice cream.

It’s been a looooooooong while since I last blogged. I’ve been wanting to blog for the longest time, I just couldn’t find the right… erm, theme.

Then I remembered… I love ice cream, but I hate peanuts in ice cream. Hence, this blog.

Ice cream is meant to be simply enjoyed–no strings attached, no effort involved. It is to melt in your mouth the moment it touches your tongue, like a moment of nostalgia. Then you wake up and realize that it’s time to be your daily functional self.

Peanuts in ice cream add an unwanted texture… Hard and gritty amidst the soft, melting cream. The bad part is when you chew the nuts… They’re awful because they leave grits on your teeth! Instead of drifting into a momentary state of bliss, you have to worry about getting rid of them. After so much tongue gymnastics, you finally realize you need to brush your teeth twice to finally rid your teeth of the nutty grits.

Yes, rocky road is the flavor I hate the most.