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A ferris wheel and a swallow: Day 3 and Day 4


This is what happens when you try watercoloring after 20 long years… Oooh, before I forget to mention, they now have metallic watercolors, kewlies~

I intended to do a render of a picture taken by a friend of mine (refer to previous post), but it absolutely looks nothing like it. I didn’t even get the colors right LOLLERZ. So, let’s just say that this piece of crapwork artwork was instead **inspired** by the photo.

This was it looked like before I spent all my light blue watercolor:

This was my very first attempt in using watercolor as a medium, and, well, I have a long way to go. I can’t seem to get the proper mix of water and watercolor, and I have absolutely no idea of the common strokes in watercoloring. Nor do I know if I’m using the right brush. But, I’m actually interested in studying watercoloring; I like the fluidity of the watercolor and how soft the colors come out on paper.

So… I decided to use watercolor again for Day 4.


Oh, before we continue to Day 4, I went inside the bathroom and found:

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARK!!! May spidey rest in peace… I’m so sorry Spidey, I had to… I thought I was strong but I was not. I’m so sorry that drowned you in the drain T.T


Day 4 is another Fuwa day! Today, I chose to do Nini the swallow. I had to pencil her first as my guide:

And from my little experience from Day 3 watercoloring, I started to color her in: