Yay, more watercolor projects~

Finally found the time to finish 2 watercolor projects over the weekend. This time I’m practicing painting using masking fluid. Masking fluid, according to this art glossary website, is “a latex gum product that is used to cover a surface you wish to protect from receiving paint. Miskit by Grumbacher and Art masking fluid by Winsor & Newton are two such products. Also referred to as liquid frisket.”

Although I’m not using any of the brands mentioned… LOL. I used two brands: Lefranc-Bourgeois and the other one’s Daler Rowney. Both bought in Vietnam, w00t.

First project is a Chinese vase. Had to mask the flowers because they’re detailed. Step by step:

Step 1: Penciled the vase and the flower details to serve as my guide

Step 2: Covered the flowers with masking fluid to protect them from being painted over (used the Lefranc-Bourgeois masking fluid for this)

Step 3: Painted the blue part first, peeled off the dried masking fluid, then painted in the details of the flowers

The next project required minimal masking fluid, but I had to use a new technique: spattering. It’s fun, but it gets messy if you over-spatter the paint… Spattering adds an interesting texture to paintings, although there are other techniques for adding texture (which I will experiment on in the next projects).

Penciled a scene of a boat by the beach then spattered masking fluid over the sandy beach. I had to cover the boat with scratch paper to protect it.

Painted the scene in, spattered paint over the sandy beach (covered the boat again) and peeled off the masking fluid.


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