The staggered 365 Project

It’s been 34 days since I last posted anything here. Obviously, I barely complied with the 365-project rule to do one artwork a day. I never even realized that it had been that long already… So much for the discipline I had hoped to impose on myself upon taking on this project.

The good news is, I’ve found a medium that I enjoy using–watercolor. After the ferris wheel, I did a little research on watercoloring as an art, and I was sold.

So I did my shopping list, went to the nearest store and got myself a new set of colors, brushes, a mixing pan and a watercoloring paper block. The annoying part was it took me forever and 3 days to complete my watercolor shopping. It took me forever to find the pigments needed to complete a 6-color palette; and 3 days to find the basic brushes.

Apparently, I went to the wrong store.

A store in Glorietta offered complete 6-, 12-color palettes nicely laid in a box that was clearly labeled for beginners. Great.

Oh, I also got a book, “Mastering the art of watercolour” by Jelbert and Sidaway.

Over the course of 34 days, I came up with these full paintings (in order of creation):

Hopefully this time I can at least do 2~3 watercolor projects per week… I’m really excited to finally explore other techniques used in watercoloring. Can’t wait to create more complex projects~


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